Lazy? Well its all relative…

I know its been so long since I did a blog post … you probably think I’ve been sitting around at the salon like this lovely lady of leisure. I wish I had been but honestly, although I am literally the world’s laziest blogger, I am really NOT a lazy person (note the pleading tone in my voice). What follows may or may not be a very sad tirade of excuses as to why I have not been keeping my blog up to date. These are mostly aimed at my dear brother who may possibly be the only person who reads it anyway. It also serves as a little update on what I have been up to of late:

1. My “baby” started grade one this year and although my elder son survived the ordeal of starting school two years ago — the “baby” boy’s start into the world of formal education seemed a little bumpier than the first son’s. So that has been time consuming. Coupled with the fact that I seem to either get volunteered/ asked or offer to do – all sorts of things at the school. I won’t complain because I really love the school (and my children too). It does,however, take up more time than you would think! Can you believe I have even been coaching cricket and soccer this year?… Please don’t ever ask me to coach your children or even ask me about the games — I would just embarrass myself! However at Grade 1 level I am able to offer some help here and there!


My two boys — just love them

2. My “big boy” started Grade 3 this year and that brought with it a whole new array of sports matches and busyness. Can you believe we now have to watch 3 or 4 hours of cricket at a time? I was so proud of my boy for getting onto the team and love watching his games but those really do take up a LOT of time! Ja — I know all you Moms who have boys will be looking knowingly at this and thinking that I still have MANY years ahead of me. I am thinking of starting a hobby like knitting to use up my time wisely.

3.The House of Heart Emporium at Dunrobin has been keeping me so busy this year. It has been doing very well under new management and I honestly have been keeping so busy making stock for the shop. My Dad continues to do an amazing job sourcing most of the antiques and vintage goodies for our space — I just wouldn’t have the time to do it myself. Once we choose the goodies for the week it takes me a day to wash them, price them and get them ready for the shop. Of course this is in between my “professional” coaching duties etc! I try to pop down to the shop every Friday and make sure all is stocked up and ship-shape! Surprisingly by the time I have sorted all that I pretty much have to head up the hill to fetch my children who finish school early on Fridays. Then its sports on Saturday, church on Sunday and back to school on Monday.


Some custom-made earrings which I made from china plates for a customer.

4. I have been so fortunate to have found a few new outlets for my goodies this year as well. Rosewood in Hilton now stocks some of our jewellery, we supply some of our up-cycled pendants to the antique store at Patchwood Elephant and we have had various orders for other customers. We will also be renting some space soon at the new Dragonfire Beads Shop at 62 Main Rd Howick — so watch this space! This is so encouraging and I really enjoy getting in the extra work but it is also time consuming.


Wykeham market day before the crowds arrived.

5. Although I have tended to avoid doing markets —  mostly because I need to spend time with my little boys over weekends — April has been a month of market madness! The Karkloof Farmers Market had a month of allowing crafters in so I was there every week for a month. I just love this market because I grew up in Howick and it is such a lovely opportunity to see all the familiar faces. For me its not only a place to sell but a chance to meet up with friends and customers — old and new. I also attended the Wykeham Collegiate market day on the 1 May and that was another wonderfully happy and busy day.


Some market displays

I am not really sure if I have provided enough excuses for my lack of communication. I do try to stay in touch on the Facebook page with a few quick snaps every week but I know its lovely to keep more up to date with what is going on. Perhaps I will not be as bold as to promise a weekly post but perhaps I will aim for a monthly update. If I forget you can remind me :)

Lollapalooza Classic Reads (Part 1)

Earlier this year my husband very kindly bought me a kindle. I absolutely love reading (although I must admit most nights I battle to stay awake for more than a few pages). One of the best things about a kindle is the fact that one can get a vast library of free ebooks — any publication whose copyright is expired is in the public domain. Have a look at Project Guttenberg’s Website. I have always loved the classics — Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was a firm high school favourite.

What will be seen on August 15?

One of the best parts of this type of business is finding all the fun, pretty, quirky, valuable, one-of-a-kind “treasures” that come our way.


My favourite find of the week. Three stunning pieces of china featuring designs from the “Diary of an Edwardian Lady”.

I have come to realise that people have very different tastes in collectables. For some its the classic vintage collectors pieces which hold the most appeal. Other people enjoy adding some of the “kitsch” and quirky novelties to their decor. There are those who will only buy the most perfectly preserved items — no chips or scratches allowed. On the other end of the scale the fans of the “shabby-chic- look” seek out the rustiest and most “beat-up” odds and ends … have you seen “American Pickers” on the History Channel?


Some lovely bunnykins pieces. Charming gifts for christenings and stork parties.

Strangely I see the appeal of all these different looks. Which can be a problem because I am often tempted to keep most of the stock for myself. However, although my husband is a patient man, he might not let me stay if I invade the house with too much of my “junk”. So… I will be sharing our finds with all of you this week. The items in the pictures represent a good mix of what we will be dropping off at House of Heart tomorrow. Be sure to pop in and have a look!


This elegant yet practical piece is a teapot warmer!


I literally laughed at this assortment of goodies .. where else would you find a monkey holding a tray, a pottery angel and a really kitsch elephant salt and pepper set? Lollapalooza right?


Some oriental dishes, an Elizabeth Arden jar and some pretty Staffordshire dishes. All cost R60 each or less. Perfect little gifts for friends and family which you wont find at the “mall”


I love these petunias … they have flowered for more than 18 months! Anyway not selling those, but here is a sample of some of the lovely art glass and cut crystal pieces we have this week :)

A Few of my Favourite Things (with apologies to Julie Andrews)

This week we have lots of lovely “new” goodies … well actually they are not new at all (in fact they are pretty OLD) … but you know what I mean :)
So here are a “few of my favourite things”! I bet you’ll want to sing along to the original tune (from the Sound of Music)!
A Few of my Favourite Things:
Verse 1: Raindrops on fruit bowls and whiskers on bunny:
Bright orange art glass (real value for money)
Frenchy white birdies with fine feathered wings
These are a few of my favourite things!
aug2Verse 2: Cream coloured hooks and candlestick holders:
A bucket and watering can which couldn’t look older!
aug35A sweet little swan with her head on her wings
There are a few of my favourite things:
aug10Verse 3: Cute little puppies with with shiny wet noses:
A gorgeous old mirror to practice your poses:
aug28Some more lovely birdies (they also have wings):
These are a few of my favourite things
Verse 4: Rusty old lanterns and charming old pieces:
A  paper towel holder … the joy never ceases:
Old odd assortments of EP with “dings”:
These are a few of my favourite things
And the chorus…
When the bug bites, when the urge stings
When you’re feeling sad
You can simply come purchase my favourite things
And then you won’t feel so bad!
And here are some more goodies to cheer you up:
aug9 aug7
 aug18 aug17 aug16  aug13 aug11 aug21
aug24 aug29 aug31

New Stock on 22 May


I popped down the House of Heart today … loaded up with lots of interesting new goodies.  To avoid disappointment … pop in soon if anything tickles your fancy  PS … be sure to scroll all the way down …. there are lots of pictures today!


A charming metal kettle (R85) and a genuine corningware coffee peculator (R145)


Some fun and funky pieces all priced up R40 and under!


Some lovely brass and copper goodies. Full of vintage charm. Priced between R20 and R80 each.


A pot load of kitschy-cute ornaments. All priced below R40 each!


A pretty colclough duo, a spoon rest, a delft plate and a metal milk and sugar set



A German-made Arzberg Teapot. A good size. Selling for just R100. You can still buy these new for over R500!


A stylish Royal Avon 5 piece set … just R250


Two stunning murano pieces. The is R125 and the donkey R145


A cake server (R60); a cheese slicer (R60) and an ice cream scoop (R65)


Funky suitcases … R120 each


A stunning antique mirror (selling for R240) and a gorgeous old jewellery box for just R155


A gorgeous array of top quality EPNS pieces. Priced at R295 and less.


EPNS Candlesticks so ornate and pretty R235 for the pair and this intricate dish for just R255

Take a Pretty Plate …

As you may know, I just love pretty vintage china and it would seem I am not the only one. With the rise of the highly popular up-cycling trend, there are plenty of amazing ideas of what one can do with your odd pieces of old porcelain. Ideas magazine is a wonderful source of crafty inspiration and their website features loads of projects (for free!)


Lots of pretty plates for just R10 or R15 each :)

In light of this I have done a bit of a display of pretty plates this weekend at House of Heart Emporium — I do have a whole lot more available so will be re-stocking with new plates next week. I have priced all of them very reasonably — just R10 and R15 each!

Without doing anything to them, a display of assorted plates on a wall or in a dresser can look stunning. If you are feeling more creative you can try some of these ideas from dailyfix! Just click on the pictures to find the projects on their website.  Once you have chosen your project … you know where to buy some lovely plates to put the plan into action :)


I just love the use of these pretty plates as frames!

Photo frame plates

Photo frames


Teacup lights


Make faux papier mache plates out of old plates


Decoupage onto plates


Mosaic with old plates


Stocked up and ready for the weekend :)


As promised I managed to stock the House of Heart Emporium bright and early today. I did lots of rearranging and had fun creating a bit of a blue & white theme in the one section. I also did a WHOLE shelf of vintage jugs. I love jugs because you can always use them for milk or water and they make the prettiest vases for flowers. I mean, it there anything prettier than a handful of white daisies in a vintage jug?  Not quite sure where I got the jug obsession from but I think it does show on the shelves of our stall :)



shelf4 shelf2

So here are some phone camera snaps of the shelves … but I promise the real thing is a whole lot better so be sure to pop in soon!




shelf6 shelf5

One of THOSE Weeks

Hi everyone, I think we are suffering from what one could term far-too-many-public-holidays-itis. Don’t get me wrong … the chance to sleep in a little on these increasingly cold mornings is always welcome. However, I would have preferred to be a little more productive than I have been lately. Anyway, I have all the stock packed and ready (well .. it will be soon) and will be popping down to House of Heart Emporium first thing tomorrow. I will literally be bashing down their doors at 9am!


Lots of lovely cutlery sets priced from R140 to R240.

 In an uncharacteristically productive moment I managed to snap a few shots of some of the goodies I will be adding to our stand tomorrow. Please do have a look at what will be in store this weekend. If there is anything you fancy … I suggest you rush along to House of Heart asap tomorrow too.


Gorgeous genuine Enoch Wedgwood plates. So pretty and perfect for any blue-and-white-collector. We are selling them for R70 each

I think any of these goodies would make an awesome and original Mother’s Day prezzie … and how amazing would it be to be able to avoid the mall this weekend?


A charming Wedgwood Duo … we have a few of these selling at R70 a duo. Lovely for the espresso drinker. PS aren’t those flowers pretty? I just love them.


We have lots of pieces from this stunning Foley set. The trios are selling for R165 each. I also have the cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl available


The milk jug and sugar bowl. This is such a pretty pattern and the colours are just perfect.


Some vintage tins to add some retro charm to your kitchen. These are just R25 each


A glass dish with lid for R65, a patterned dish for R45 and a sweet little EPNS and glass jam pot with a spoon for R75.


These are some valuable pieces. A romantic, French-style plate (selling for R120); a Booth’s Willow sugar bowl for R70; a gorgeous collectable Royal Doulton plate with a dog on it for R225 and a Copeland Spode plate for R195


I adore this Sylvac doggie. If no one buys him he cans always come and live with me … but I do have rather too many of this type of thing already! He costs just R95

Anyway, this blog post was a fair amount of work … so I feel a little less lazy. Hope you get a chance to visit our stand soon!  xxx Ange

Dunrobin Market – April

Don’t you love the newly branded market poster?

On Friday afternoon my sister and I headed down to the Dunrobin Market at the House of Heart Emporium. Their newly branded markets are on the last Friday night (from 5pm to 9pm) and Saturday morning (9am to 1pm) of every month. The market has a strongly handmade feel so I took along lots of my up-cylced china pendants and other vintage-style jewellery. We also stocked up the shop with lots of vintage delights!

2014-04-25 17.10.17

Our stall at the market. Lost of pretty lights and bunting added to the atmosphere.

Photo: Blacksmith Company at Dunrobin Market. We loved it. Thanks to everyone who came and said HI! :)

Some of Blacksmith Co’s lovely range

It was lovely to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Jessica and Justin from Blacksmith Co were there with lots of very cool metal creations (have a look at their website).

I also met Francis Ridl who makes beautiful jewellery with pottery accents and charms.  After talking to her for at least ten minutes it finally dawned on me that she is married to my dad’s cousin and we have met at a few family functions! I thought I recognised Frances from somewhere!

Erika Whitby was there displaying some of her beautiful photography; Silver Penny was selling some stunning silver pieces; there was stunning up-cycled furniture and loads of other tempting goodies.


All the pendants, earrings and rings … ready to sell!

Apart from all the pretty, crafty items there was lots of yummy food on offer. Maybe a little too much…  There were wood-fired pizzas (made in a brick oven on site); hamburgers, pancakes, curry and lots of sweet treats.


A close-up of some of the pendants.

People gathered around the bonfires, caught up with old friends and enjoyed the music by the group “Minor Adjustments”. Later in the evening some of the visitors took a chance to show off their dance moves. Particularly impressive was an elderly gentleman who seemed to manage to find a different lady with which to dance  for every song!


A close-up of the ever-popular glass earrings :)

As always, it was wonderful to meet the friendly people of Pietermaritzburg (best city in the world!) and it was great to see the beautiful House of Heart Emporium packed with shoppers. My sister is the best market buddy ever … she has been so busy studying for her teaching degree I can’t bother her to help me out as often as I used to.

I am sure the Saturday market was equally entertaining. I had a another market to attend this time but I will try to make it next month. Hope to see you there!

New Stock for May



My Dad and I have lots of fun finding new stock for the House of Heart Emporium . This month we have lots of lovely goodies lined up just for you … I usually stock the shop on a Wednesday or a Thursday (sometimes Friday when the week has been crazy) but I will make an effort to let you all know when I am going. I recently realised that people like to be the first to know when there is something new!


Here are some snapshots of what I am delivering today (and after a getting stuck in a nasty truck backlog at Town Hill I managed to get all there and on display)!