New Goodies for Sale

I am busy listing some new goodies for sale on bidorbuy (which is currently my main selling platform). I find people enjoy the fun of bidding on my listings (especially since I always start the prices nice and low!).

We have a bit of a quirky mix of items for sale … so hope you enjoy the variety!

If you are interested in buying any of these items directly from me please email me at or you can bid on them on bidorbuy :) Prices are in brackets of each title. Postage costs will depend on the size and weight of the items and will range between R25 and R50 per package.

1. Denby Pottery Jug (R35):

This charming little pottery jug is a vintage Denby pottery piece, made in England. It is 8.5cm tall and in good condition.


2. Swiss “Bopla” Coffee Mugs (Pair) — (R90):

This unusual and “arty” pair of coffee mugs are in good condition. From what I can see these mugs sell for about $40 each in Europe they are clearly quality items. The price I am asking is a real bargain! The name of the design is “Rhinophant” . Each mug is about 10cm tall and both are in good condition. The mugs are stackable.


3. Crown Devon Dog Ornament (R220):

These adorable Crown Devon dogs are highly collectable. Made in the 1930’s they are full of “retro charm”. This little chap I’m selling is in good condition and he stands about 14cm high. Perhaps he would cheer up a little if you would give him a home in your collection?

wed006wed008 wed007


4. Rhodesian Copper Tazza (R40): 

This is a beautifully made little tazza. It is solid copper and in good condition. The top section is about 13cm wide and it stands 8cm tall. I got this with a lot of other Rhodesian copper so I am almost certain is also a Rhodesian piece.

5. Minton 9cm Trinket Dish (R40):

This beautiful piece is in good condition. Bone China, made in England by Minton. Would make such a charming gift.

6. Royal Vermont 9cm Trinket Dish (R30):

This beautiful piece is in good condition. Royal Vemont Porcelain.  Would look so pretty on your dressing table.


7. WMF Honey Spoon (R50):

Although this item is secondhand it looks like it has never been used. It is still in its original box. The exact same item sells new on Yuppiechef for R220

8. Grindley Sandwich Tray (R45):

This lovely sandwich tray is in good condition. It is 29.5cm x 14.5cm in size. A very elegant way in which to serve your cucumber sandwiches!


9. Cute English Made Shoe Vase (R25):

This cute little vase stands just 5cm tall. It is marked as “Made in England”. In good condition.

10. Devon Pottery Minature Vase (R40):

This collectable vase is a lovely Devon pottery piece. It is in good condition and stands about 5cm.


11. Leaf Shaped Trinket Dish (Vertex) (R25):

This pretty little trinket dish is in good condition. It is 10cm long.


12. Set of four Pewter Cat Tablecloth Weights (R100):

This set of four lovely table cloth weights is in good condition. Each is marked copyright HOA. The pewter section of each measures 55mm from the cat’s back to the end of the mouse,

13. A Pair of Antique EP Knife Rests (R140):

Each knife rest is about 8cm long. Both are in good condition. The markings on the pieces are hard to make out but it would seem most likely that these are EPNS pieces.


KLM Bols Delft Houses — Build a Dutch Village on Your Mantle-piece!

We were recently fortunate enough to come across a lovely collection of 22 KLM Bols Delft Houses. Perhaps you have never heard of these lovely collectables? Please do read on to find out more:


A village on your mantle-piece

KLM (the Dutch airline) started issuing these miniature house-shaped bottles in 1952. Air companies were not allowed to give presents to their customers because of unfair competition. So, KLM had some Blue Delft houses made, and filled them with Bols Brandy. Then, of course, their competitors complained that KLM were giving presents to their customers. KLM said “May we not decide how we serve our drinks? Is there is a law which states drinks have to be served in a glass?”… and so it all started.

By 1993 the airline had produced 60 different Dutch houses. In 1994, in celebration of  KLM’s 75th anniversary they produced an additional 15 houses to bring the total to 75!  House number 75 is a replica of the former KLM head office.


Each house is different but styled on the traditional Dutch-look.


If you get tired of looking at them — you can always enjoy the brandy!

The company now produces one new house every year in October to mark another year in business. House number 93 was released last year (to mark the airline’s 93rd birthday).

These miniatures hold a lot of appeal for collectors. They are beautifully detailed and feature the attractive “blue & white” colouring which is well loved by Delft fanatics. They also carry additional value as airline memorabilia and for their link to Bols brandy.

klm75b klm69 klm60 klm46 klm43 klm40

klm37 klm36 klm35 klm33 klm26 klm23b

klm16b  klm6 klm4 klm3 klm9 klm7

You simply can not have just one of these – as you will soon want to build a whole village!

We have the photographed houses for sale at just R100 each – the numbers we have available are as follows:

3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 16, 19, 23, 26, 33, 35, 36, 37, 40, 43, 44,  46, 60, 67, 69, 75 (we have two of 75).

All of them are in good condition – please comment below if you would like more info and photos of any of them.

To read more about KLM  Houses please have a look at this very useful website.