Ways with Plates


As you well may have gathered, I have a great fondness for pretty antique plates. I think this is because both my parents and grandparents always had very pretty plates on display in their homes. It was a wonderful day when my Granny first gave me a few of my very own “pretty”  plates — I was about 9 years old at the time — I was so excited to hang them on my bedroom wall. Some of those plates are still in my home today (23 years and 7 house moves later!).  Even in my teenage years I was forever on the hunt for plates at charity shops and fetes.

I was recently looking on Pinterest and found some lovely examples of the effectiveness of plate displays. Perhaps this will provide you with the inspiration you need to try some of your own?  I have put all the links to original sources onto the pictures so you can see where they are from.  Be sure to check out Pinterest for yourself too.

PS… once you are provided with all the inspiration you need …. we will provide with all the plates you need :)

Welsh Dresser Hutch Spring china plate display

The classic Welsh Dresser perfect for your china collection. (I am still hoping to own one of these one day!)

plate display

These floral themed plates are different but they look so pretty together.

Polish pottery plate display

A mix of blue and white plates can look so stylish and elegant

Love the plate wall.... Must remember for formal dinning room!!!

I love how even the plain white plates look amazing on a dark grey wall.

transferware transferware-i-love-dishes

How I would love to have one of these amazing display areas!

Plate Display

An adorable plate “tree” makes for an interesting display

Like this plate display idea!

This little rack is just perfect!

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