For the Love of Teacups

I am not quite sure why, but I have always loved teacups and saucers. Teapots are equally charming. To be honest, I seldom drink tea out of a teacup nor do I use a teapot for making tea. (Sticking a teabag into a mug is a much easier option). I do, however, just adore displays of pretty cups and saucers.

Vintage teacups! My collection is slowly, but surely growing!

A charming little collection — when collecting vintage teacups and saucers anything goes :)

I recently had a look on pinterest for inspiration and here are some of my favourite finds!


These “multi-flora” patterns are so richly detailed!

Similar but different — I just love this stack of mix cups and saucers

Tea cups

A stunning collection of floral prettiness

Floral teacups  looks like the Pavlova China pattern

Royal Albert’s “Moss Rose” — one of my all time favourite patterns of teacup!

4 Aynsley Footed Tea Cups Teacups and Saucers by TheVintageTeacup

These Aynsley teacups are even pretty on the inside!


When you have a chance do take a look at pinterest for more amazing ideas.  We are always adding lovely teacups and saucers to our space at the House of Heart in Pietermaritzburg so please do be sure to pop in and have a look :)

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