What’s New?

I know I have been awfully quiet of late … I think I have been finding my feet in the midst of the back-to-school madness. Although it may be a little late… it was my new year’s resolution to keep my customers more up to date with news and info about what is new. So although we are a good 6 or 7 weeks into 2014, here is my first attempt at “better blogging”.

We have lots of lovely new stock (well.. new old stock ’cause we do sell vintage items) at the House of Heart.


Charming Piggy Bookends … R250 for the pair.



Gorgeous Oriental Teaset with Dragon Design R355 for the set. Includes 5 trios. a teapot, milk and sugar and a large serving plate. When you hold the cups up to the light they have a woman’s face on them. See the next pic.


The marking on the teacups (seen when you hold them up to the light)


A selection of pretty porcelain. Includes Royal Albert, Royal Doulton and LImoages


Wooden items and a beautiful bronze horse bookend


Stuart Crystal sugar bowl and creamer — R70 each


Collectable Teddies

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