Time for Tea

It recently occurred to me, while going through our vintage stock, just how many of the well-loved vintage bits and pieces have some sort of link to the ceremonial drinking of tea. Think about it … teapots, cups and saucers, sugar bowls, milk jugs, EPNS teaspoons and sugar tongs, tea trays, tea strainers, tea coseys and tray cloths. It would seem that tea time was a very important part of  people’s lives in days gone by. Although it is probably just as enjoyed by many nowadays, we certainly don’t seem to serve it with quite the same sense of elegance.

Perhaps it would be worth taking the time to enjoy a beautifully presented tea tray?

Here why I think everyone needs to have a “fancy” cup of tea every now and again:

1. A pot of tea is always sure to yield a second or third cup… without requiring another trip to the kitchen.  Perfect for passing a lazy afternoon on the verandah!

Tea in the garden, what a treat.

2. Nothing beats the prettiness of a vintage teaset. I have a dear elderly friend who serves tea with her Royal Albert Moss Rose set — its beautiful! She is happy to allow you to drink tea from it … but she does not allow anyone to help with washing it afterwards.

The gorgeous moss rose pattern by Royal Albert

3. Its a good excuse to buy a pretty tea cosey. The ladies from Roses and Raggamuffins at House of Heart make the most adorable tea coseys!

Adorable Owl tea cosey available at House of Heart

4. Maybe its psychological … but have you ever noticed how wonderful tea tastes in a real porcelain cup? Those heavy, cheap stoneware mugs just don’t compare!

Piping hot tea in a Royal Albert cup … you can not beat it :)

5.If someone has gone to the trouble of preparing an elaborate tea tray … chances are that there will be a host of amazing teatime treats on offer too.  Think scones, cup cakes, rusks, biscotti, lemon meringue pie … or maybe some cucumber sandwiches.

Pretty cupcakes just go so well with a pretty teaset.

6.Ever since I can remember, my granny has loved tea. She and Grandpa would have some brewing at almost any time of the day. She always laid out a tray with her favourite Indian Tree tea set. My gran is now a very healthy 92 year old …could tea be her secret?

7. Tea is the best cure for a bad day. So many times over the years my very worst days were made better by a cup of tea with my mom, sister or friend. Making someone tea in their hour of need is like saying … “I don’t know how to fix the problem but I am here for you.”  My Mom has had the same simply stainless steel teapot for years … I bet that old thing could tell some tales!

Hope this inspires you to get Granny’s old teaset out of the cupboard and share a special tea time with a friend or loved one.


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