Take a Pretty Plate …

As you may know, I just love pretty vintage china and it would seem I am not the only one. With the rise of the highly popular up-cycling trend, there are plenty of amazing ideas of what one can do with your odd pieces of old porcelain. Ideas magazine is a wonderful source of crafty inspiration and their www.dailyfix.co.za website features loads of projects (for free!)


Lots of pretty plates for just R10 or R15 each :)

In light of this I have done a bit of a display of pretty plates this weekend at House of Heart Emporium — I do have a whole lot more available so will be re-stocking with new plates next week. I have priced all of them very reasonably — just R10 and R15 each!

Without doing anything to them, a display of assorted plates on a wall or in a dresser can look stunning. If you are feeling more creative you can try some of these ideas from dailyfix! Just click on the pictures to find the projects on their website.  Once you have chosen your project … you know where to buy some lovely plates to put the plan into action :)


I just love the use of these pretty plates as frames!

Photo frame plates

Photo frames


Teacup lights


Make faux papier mache plates out of old plates


Decoupage onto plates


Mosaic with old plates


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