A Few of my Favourite Things (with apologies to Julie Andrews)

This week we have lots of lovely “new” goodies … well actually they are not new at all (in fact they are pretty OLD) … but you know what I mean :)
So here are a “few of my favourite things”! I bet you’ll want to sing along to the original tune (from the Sound of Music)!
A Few of my Favourite Things:
Verse 1: Raindrops on fruit bowls and whiskers on bunny:
Bright orange art glass (real value for money)
Frenchy white birdies with fine feathered wings
These are a few of my favourite things!
aug2Verse 2: Cream coloured hooks and candlestick holders:
A bucket and watering can which couldn’t look older!
aug35A sweet little swan with her head on her wings
There are a few of my favourite things:
aug10Verse 3: Cute little puppies with with shiny wet noses:
A gorgeous old mirror to practice your poses:
aug28Some more lovely birdies (they also have wings):
These are a few of my favourite things
Verse 4: Rusty old lanterns and charming old pieces:
A  paper towel holder … the joy never ceases:
Old odd assortments of EP with “dings”:
These are a few of my favourite things
And the chorus…
When the bug bites, when the urge stings
When you’re feeling sad
You can simply come purchase my favourite things
And then you won’t feel so bad!
And here are some more goodies to cheer you up:
aug9 aug7
 aug18 aug17 aug16  aug13 aug11 aug21
aug24 aug29 aug31

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