Cups and Saucers Galore!


I have recently managed to find a lot of very pretty cups and saucers. This means we are able to have a bit of a teacup theme to our House of Heart … [Continue reading]

Time for Tea

It recently occurred to me, while going through our vintage stock, just how many of the well-loved vintage bits and pieces have some sort of link to … [Continue reading]

What’s New?


I know I have been awfully quiet of late ... I think I have been finding my feet in the midst of the back-to-school madness. Although it may be a … [Continue reading]

Mary Poppins — Queen of “Lollapalooza”


This last week I was ridiculously  busy. I have been making up-cycled pendants for the House of Heart Christmas market. I thought I was pretty much … [Continue reading]

For the Love of Teacups


I am not quite sure why, but I have always loved teacups and saucers. Teapots are equally charming. To be honest, I seldom drink tea out of a teacup … [Continue reading]

Wonderful Willow Pattern


The Willow Pattern (or Blue Willow) is a well-loved classic blue and white china pattern. It was originally designed by a Thomas Minton, in England in … [Continue reading]

House of Heart Christmas Market 25 and 26 October.


I attended a lovely Christmas market this weekend at the House of Heart Emporium in Pietermaritzburg. The market was from 9am to 9pm on Friday and … [Continue reading]

Ways with Plates


As you well may have gathered, I have a great fondness for pretty antique plates. I think this is because both my parents and grandparents always had … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Re-Stock


    We have enjoyed a wonderful first week at the House of Heart Emporium.  I popped in there this morning for a bit of a re-stock … [Continue reading]

Lollapalooza hits the “House of Heart Emporium”


A new month and an exciting new opportunity!   Yesterday morning saw us moving into our new little corner at the super "House of Heart Emporium" -- … [Continue reading]