Pretty Porcelain

I am not sure why, but as you may have guessed, pretty porcelain has always been a great passion of mine. There are so many beautiful styles and designs — I must confess to “falling in love” with far too many of them. This week I have come across a few appealing items which I have listed on bidorbuy. You can also buy directly from me by emailing me at or contacting via the facebook page. So without any further ramblings …. here they are:

1. 27cm Minton “Haddon Hall” Plate (Designed by John Wadsworth) (R180):

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but this is my favourite of the week! (and one I was sorely tempted to keep). This exquisite plate would look beautiful on display. In excellent condition, this is a must for any collector of English porcelain.


2. Tiny 8cm Wedgwood Pin Tray/ Plate (R30):

This is a small 8cm plate/ pin tray made by Wedgwood. In good condition and a very appealing little piece.


3.Antique Booths Lovesoft Border” 25cm Serving Plate (R130):

From what I can work out, this plate would have been made between 1906 and 1912 — making it a very old piece. It is in good condition. There is just one small imperfection on the back of the plate which looks to be a manufacturing flaw rather than a chip. The piece is beautifully detailed, complete with gilding and raised sections on the handles. Would look stunning on display.


4. Booths “Lovesoft Border” 17cm Plate (R40):

From what I can work out, this plate would have been made between 1906 and 1912 — making it a very old piece. It is in good condition. There are a couple of small brown stains on the plate — it is an old piece


5. Wedgwood “Metallised” Bone China Vase (R40):

This elegant bone china vase is in good condition and stands 13cm high. Perfect for a single rose.


6. Royal Winton 12cm Vase (R90):

This elegant Royal Winton china vase is in good condition and stands 12cm high. A stunning, collectable piece.


7. Copeland Spode 19.5cm “Wicker Lane” Plate (R55):

This pretty plate is in good condition. It has a wire plate hanger with it which I will include as it does make hanging it up easier.

8. Royal Albert 15.5cm “Celebration” Plate (R65):

This beautiful plate is in good condition. Would look stunning on display. Definitely one of the prettiest plates you could find!


9. Enoch Wedgwood “Asiatic Pheasants” Blue and White 17.5cm Plate — 6 Available (R40 each):

I have 6 of these gorgeous blue and white plates available. The price  is PER plate — you can buy on as many or few as you like. All of them are in good condition.

10. Royal Warwick “Lochs of Scotland — Loch Awe” 22.5cm Plate — 2 Available (R45 each):

I have 2 of these gorgeous blue and white plates available.The price is PER plate — you can buy on one or both. Both of them are in good condition.

11. 13cm Brown & White Alfred Meakin Pudding Bowl (R20):

This little bowl is beautifully detailed — it is a hand engraved pattern applied under the glaze. The bowl is about 3cm deep.  It is a small pudding bowl size.


12. A Pair of Royal Vermont Snack Dishes (R35 for the pair):

These elegant hand-painted black and gold piece are each about 15cm.  With lovely “leaf stalk” handles.


13 A 9cm Gouda Jug (R45):

This charming little jug is in good condition.



New Goodies for Sale

I am busy listing some new goodies for sale on bidorbuy (which is currently my main selling platform). I find people enjoy the fun of bidding on my listings (especially since I always start the prices nice and low!).

We have a bit of a quirky mix of items for sale … so hope you enjoy the variety!

If you are interested in buying any of these items directly from me please email me at or you can bid on them on bidorbuy :) Prices are in brackets of each title. Postage costs will depend on the size and weight of the items and will range between R25 and R50 per package.

1. Denby Pottery Jug (R35):

This charming little pottery jug is a vintage Denby pottery piece, made in England. It is 8.5cm tall and in good condition.


2. Swiss “Bopla” Coffee Mugs (Pair) — (R90):

This unusual and “arty” pair of coffee mugs are in good condition. From what I can see these mugs sell for about $40 each in Europe they are clearly quality items. The price I am asking is a real bargain! The name of the design is “Rhinophant” . Each mug is about 10cm tall and both are in good condition. The mugs are stackable.


3. Crown Devon Dog Ornament (R220):

These adorable Crown Devon dogs are highly collectable. Made in the 1930’s they are full of “retro charm”. This little chap I’m selling is in good condition and he stands about 14cm high. Perhaps he would cheer up a little if you would give him a home in your collection?

wed006wed008 wed007


4. Rhodesian Copper Tazza (R40): 

This is a beautifully made little tazza. It is solid copper and in good condition. The top section is about 13cm wide and it stands 8cm tall. I got this with a lot of other Rhodesian copper so I am almost certain is also a Rhodesian piece.

5. Minton 9cm Trinket Dish (R40):

This beautiful piece is in good condition. Bone China, made in England by Minton. Would make such a charming gift.

6. Royal Vermont 9cm Trinket Dish (R30):

This beautiful piece is in good condition. Royal Vemont Porcelain.  Would look so pretty on your dressing table.


7. WMF Honey Spoon (R50):

Although this item is secondhand it looks like it has never been used. It is still in its original box. The exact same item sells new on Yuppiechef for R220

8. Grindley Sandwich Tray (R45):

This lovely sandwich tray is in good condition. It is 29.5cm x 14.5cm in size. A very elegant way in which to serve your cucumber sandwiches!


9. Cute English Made Shoe Vase (R25):

This cute little vase stands just 5cm tall. It is marked as “Made in England”. In good condition.

10. Devon Pottery Minature Vase (R40):

This collectable vase is a lovely Devon pottery piece. It is in good condition and stands about 5cm.


11. Leaf Shaped Trinket Dish (Vertex) (R25):

This pretty little trinket dish is in good condition. It is 10cm long.


12. Set of four Pewter Cat Tablecloth Weights (R100):

This set of four lovely table cloth weights is in good condition. Each is marked copyright HOA. The pewter section of each measures 55mm from the cat’s back to the end of the mouse,

13. A Pair of Antique EP Knife Rests (R140):

Each knife rest is about 8cm long. Both are in good condition. The markings on the pieces are hard to make out but it would seem most likely that these are EPNS pieces.


“Yesterday’s Suitcase Showcase” at Spiga d’Orro


View from above the courtyard at Spiga’s

Saturday the 31st August saw  Hannah and me making our way down to Durban for the awesome “Yesterday’s Suitcase” market at Spiga d’Orro in Florida road. Organised by the “I Heart Market” team, this lovely event was held in the charming Spiga’s courtyard.


The stunning old building in which Spiga d’Oros is situated

It was a celebration of all things “vintage”. There was an amazing array of clothing, porcelain, jewellery and up-cycled furniture. It was difficult to discipline myself not to spend all the money I made at the market on the lovely goodies on offer!


I just love the Mediterranean feel of this courtyard!

Despite warnings of dire weather conditions, it was a deliciously sunny day, made all the warmer by the friendly company, chilled retro music and soothing sounds of the courtyard fountain. Although it was a working day for me, it felt more like a Mediterranean holiday.


The fountain with Terry Angelos’ display behind

Today we brought along lots of our up-cycled china pendants, vintage jewellery and other odds and ends. As always, we loved meeting old and new customers and were glad that there are some people out there who like what we are doing!  It was great to meet Stacey, owner of “For the Birds”  who bought some of our pendants for her beautiful gift shop in Umhlali. (Be sure to have a look at her facebook page) .


My clever husband, James customised this suitcase for the “suitcase showcase”. It works beautifully for our up-cycled pendants!


A view of our display.


A close-up of the vintage goodies


Some of our vintage jewellery

I was also amazed at the creativity of Terry Angelos and her range of up-cycled plates and art-work. Its always great to see Ryan and Liesa from Rollin Vintage too — their creativity and passion for what they do is inspiring. Their range of vintage cutlery jewellery is a must-see!


I am not usually a photo-type of person but here is me :)



My little sis, Hannah… best market buddy ever!

Hannah and I did do a little shopping too – hey, I did say that we were in a holiday mood :) … I was thrilled to find a beautiful butterfly print skirt, a floral skirt and a pretty summer top. I could have bought more but I did need to keep some money for the toll on the way home!


Rows and rows of stunning vintage clothes!


Did I mention that I LOVE this courtyard?




I Heart Market — Saturday 3 August

We had an awesome time at the recent “I Heart Market”. I (Angela) managed to convince my husband James and my two little boys to come along for the ride. My wonderful sister, Hannah, was there as usual too! My husband’s double cab was the perfect carrier for all of us and the mountain of vintage goodies we brought along!


Bright and early on this beautiful “I Heart” Saturday


The beautiful Moses Mabhida Stadium

Because setting up all those vintage goods takes so long, we left home just after 6am to arrive in Durbs just after 7am. Market organiser, Anna, placed us in the newly formed “vintage area” of the market — under a beautiful rubber tree.


Concentrating on setting out all those goodies! That’s me and little Jonathan.

This month’s market turned out to be a really interesting and “international” affair. The world “Transplant Games” were being hosted at the athletics track across the road. This resulted in us meeting a host of wonderful customers from Thailand, Singapore, Iran, France, Australia, New Zealand and England. Its wonderful to think some of our “treasures” will be making their way all over the world!


Yes we did bring a lot of things (there are more under the table!)

My children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the beautiful stadium and surrounds. Next time I wont need to do any convincing to get them to join me!


Beautiful views and a cute kid


My “big” boy Matt enjoying the Durban sunshine.

James took these photos included in the article. I was so busy selling on the day I didn’t even have time for lunch (let alone a chance to look at the other beautiful stalls)… hopefully I will get a chance next time because this is a fantastic market filled with some incredibly talented and creative traders.


Hannah gives Moses some appreciation for his amazing stadium!


If you haven’t ever attended the “I Heart Market” be sure to make a note on your calendar for Saturday — 7th September. Bring the whole family and come and celebrate the best our province has to offer!

Introducing Our Up-Cycled Pendants


As you may have guessed, we are always buying in job lots of vintage goodies. For time to time these “lots” include broken, cracked, chipped and damaged porcelain pieces. Call me sentimental, but it just seems wrong to throw these pretty pieces from the past into the rubbish bin.


This dilemma, therefore, led to me thinking of what could be done with these lovely pieces. The result? Lots of planning and hard-work which has ultimately culminated in Lollapalooza’s very own range of up-cycled vintage porcelain pendants.


I have called the range “The Weeping Willow” — partly because it describes how someone must have felt when these lovely pieces were damaged and partly because I seemed to be making lots of pendants out of damaged “Willow Pattern” china — which is a classic blue and white design.


The pictures in this post are of the pieces we took to the recent “I Heart Market”. Most of these have been sold but, have no fear, more are being made and these will be listed very soon on the “Hello Pretty” website and our facebook page.


Pendants cost R60 each or R100 for two! Postage is just R25 for as many as you would like to order.


They come complete with matching chains and are packed in pretty boxes. All items are marked with a label stating the origin of the porcelain inlay.



Every piece is unique and hand-crafted, making them the perfect gift. It was lovely to hear people at the market saying that they recognised a certain piece as being like something their mother or granny had :)

To Market, To Market


Its nearly August which is great news because it means that we are just  “6 sleeps” away from the lovely “I heart market”.


We have loads of pretty cups and saucers.

Its nearly a month since the last one and I have since had a serious hunt for stock to bring down to “Durbs”. It only seems right to share a little of our countrified loveliness with the friendly beach-loving -metropolis-dwellers! I have been packing my crates for a few weeks so I have actually loss track of exactly what I have in store for the market. Its going to be like Christmas for me when I finally get to unpack it all this weekend.


Do any of these “ring a bell”?

Here’s what I do know… I have lots of gorgeous glassware, elegant EPNS items, pretty porcelain, wooden items, ornaments, cutlery and a lot of other “Lollapaloozas”. Not to mention a collection of new up-cycled porcelain pendants too (hopefully I will be able to do a separate post about these later this week).


More pretty porcelain


Pretty plates just R20 each!

I only thought to take pictures of the stock once half of it was safely packed in the crates (with lots of bubble-wrap). So here are the few pictures which  I did manage to take. The rest? Well that will just have to be a surprise for you  too.


Unusual or ugly? Well, these are real Lollapaloozas!


Loads of lovely EPNS ware. This is just a very small sample!

Hope to see you at the market… its going be AMAZING!

KLM Bols Delft Houses — Build a Dutch Village on Your Mantle-piece!

We were recently fortunate enough to come across a lovely collection of 22 KLM Bols Delft Houses. Perhaps you have never heard of these lovely collectables? Please do read on to find out more:


A village on your mantle-piece

KLM (the Dutch airline) started issuing these miniature house-shaped bottles in 1952. Air companies were not allowed to give presents to their customers because of unfair competition. So, KLM had some Blue Delft houses made, and filled them with Bols Brandy. Then, of course, their competitors complained that KLM were giving presents to their customers. KLM said “May we not decide how we serve our drinks? Is there is a law which states drinks have to be served in a glass?”… and so it all started.

By 1993 the airline had produced 60 different Dutch houses. In 1994, in celebration of  KLM’s 75th anniversary they produced an additional 15 houses to bring the total to 75!  House number 75 is a replica of the former KLM head office.


Each house is different but styled on the traditional Dutch-look.


If you get tired of looking at them — you can always enjoy the brandy!

The company now produces one new house every year in October to mark another year in business. House number 93 was released last year (to mark the airline’s 93rd birthday).

These miniatures hold a lot of appeal for collectors. They are beautifully detailed and feature the attractive “blue & white” colouring which is well loved by Delft fanatics. They also carry additional value as airline memorabilia and for their link to Bols brandy.

klm75b klm69 klm60 klm46 klm43 klm40

klm37 klm36 klm35 klm33 klm26 klm23b

klm16b  klm6 klm4 klm3 klm9 klm7

You simply can not have just one of these – as you will soon want to build a whole village!

We have the photographed houses for sale at just R100 each – the numbers we have available are as follows:

3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 16, 19, 23, 26, 33, 35, 36, 37, 40, 43, 44,  46, 60, 67, 69, 75 (we have two of 75).

All of them are in good condition – please comment below if you would like more info and photos of any of them.

To read more about KLM  Houses please have a look at this very useful website.

Name the “What-You-Ma-Call-It” Competition

Do you know what these two items are? If you do comment below or send us an email… We will pick the most original answer and send a prize to one lucky fan!


Bidorbuy Wednesday Auction — 22 July 2013

It’s nearly that time of the week again…. the start of bidorbuy’s “Crazy Wednesday” auction. Our “crazy” auctions run from 12pm on Tuesday to 9:30pm on Wednesday. All auctions start at just R1 and the highest bidder wins the auction! This is a great chance to snap up a bargain.  To go to the auctions please click on the links below:

To start off we have a bit of a “Beswick” festival this week. Beswick is a name synonymous with top-quality British porcelain and ceramics. The Beswick figurines and ornaments are highly favoured amongst collectors.

We have this stunning abstract Beswick vase (a very elegant and desirable piece):


This charming Beswick teapot depicts the notorious nurse from Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewhit. She ought to add some interest to your tea time!


She may not have been a good nurse but she makes a fine teapot!


This amazing bald eagle ornament is a stunning piece:


Just look at those wings!


We have a Lancaster Toby Jug depicting another well-loved Dickens’ character — Mr Micawber:


A charming old Toby Jug


This large Scotty Dog plate is a highly collectable Royal Doulton piece:


A lovely plate for the Royal Doulton collector!


How about a touch of elegance with this fine Victorian Teacup Duo?


Finest china decorated with dainty designs… just your cup of tea!


Or you could go for a little pink elegance with this Cauldon trio?


Prettiest pink … with lovely gilding.


Lastly we have these stunning Art Deco figurines. I just love the sense of movement conveyed by this beautiful pair:


Just look at them dance!

Hope you enjoy this weeks auction… happy bidding!

When “Old” is the New “New”

It seems that in this era of mind-blowingly modern miracles people are beginning to have a hankering after some of the old fashioned charm of yesteryear. You only have to look at Pinterest, Etsy or Flickr to see that “old” is the new “new”.

It’s a strange paradox really – people using their high speed iPads, iPhones or latest android devices (inventions which people could never have imagined 50 years ago) – to look at pages and pages of vintage inspired “prettiness”.  Even fashion has taken a definite “retro” turn in recent years.


Pinterest — got to show some vintage love!

Naturally, I am delighted by the current yester-yearly leanings. I have, however,  never been one to be governed by popular trends. I grew up in the 1990’s … probably one of the most “modern” and “androgynous” eras in all of history. Girls wore “Doc Martin” boots (with short dungarees); overly feminine skirts and dresses were frowned upon and to admit you liked the colour pink was social suicide! Black, white and the occasional touch of blue were the tones of the times.  Phrases like “less is more” and “minimalist”governed the decorating scene.


The cast of Beverley Hills 90210 pretty much had the 90’s look “sorted”

In spite of my “badly timed” teenage years – I have always had a love for antique treasures. This was probably because I had some good inspiration… My grandparents had an amazing house in Hilton (in the KZN Midlands) which they built themselves using salvaged pieces from demolished antique buildings. They had crystal chandeliers in the lounge, refurbished yellow-wood flooring, huge old hardwood doors, even stained glass windows! The home was literally overflowing with English porcelain, figurines, EPNS cutlery, statuettes and amazing old furniture.  My granny (at nearly 92 years of age) still has a (slightly smaller) home full of such delights.

To add to this, my father and mother have always been avid collectors of vintage treasures (they even had a brief stint running an antique shop in the picturesque village of Robertson in the Western Cape).

I read Jane Austen; knew all the words to “Sound of Music” and collected pretty ornaments and china from church fetes and charity shops. Nothing much has changed… actually, I may have forgotten some of the words to “Raindrops on Roses”…. (at least I now have the luxury of being able to “google” those).


“La a note to follow So” … gotta love those curtain outfits in Sound of Music!

So although I have never been a “fad follower” – I think I might just be happy to go along with the latest handcrafting-upcycling-vintage-loving trends. I just hope this endures a little longer than the health sandal phase which lasted for about 6 months when I was in Standard 9!


Seriously, these were the must-have footwear for teenage girls and boys at Howick High school (for about 6 months in 1998)!